Kathi Naumann
Executive Director

Dragonfly Heart Camp
Board of Directors

Rhonda J. Cataldo

Sarah M. Cataldo

Virginia Ruth, DPH
Public Health

Jessica Lambert, MSN,

LeeAnn Coyle Fitzgerald
Director of Operations
IronHeart Technologies

Derek Fitzgerald
Founder IronHeart Technologies

Mariah Goodall, PHD
Washington College Professor

Mike Kerrigan
Retired Wall Street Partner
Alex Brown & Sons

Kiki Jones

Chip MacLeod
DHC Attorney, Funk & Bolton
Attorneys at Law

Chris Tilghman
Business Owner

Medical Advisor:

Janet Scheel, MD
Medical Director,
Heart Transplant,
Children's National
Medical Center

Community Advisory Committee

Barbara Cangiano
Retired Camp Director
& Professor

Judith Strasser, PHD Professor Emerita of Nursing

Youth Transition
Retreat Committee

Janet Scheel, MD
Children's National
Medical Center

Peggy Knight, NP

Dawn Warfield, MSW, LSW

Valerie Paasch, PHD Psychologist,
Kennedy Krieger

Karen McCandless, NP
Heart and Lung Transplant, CHOP

E. Zachary Ramsey Pharm.D. Clinical Specialist, Pediatric Cardiology, CHOP

Deb Carter, NP
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Melissa Speck
Heart Transplant Recipient

Millie Steele
Heart Transplant Recipient

About Us

What can place a child in better spirits than attending a summer camp?
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by Shooters

We are providing a camping experience that is welcoming to children who have to routinely take scheduled medication and who may tire easily - a safe haven where parents can be at ease knowing their children are surrounded by a team of caring and loving medical staff volunteers. But most important, the children are with others who are enduring similar challenges, and who have shared like experiences.

Dragonfly Heart Camp was incorporated December 31, 2007 in the state of Maryland. It is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Campers attend free of charge, with funding provided through donations, grants and fund raising events. The Board of Directors provides the direction and oversight needed to ensure the continued growth and success of the camp and its mission, while maintaining the fiduciary oversight.

Seven Years Later and Growing...

It is exciting we are celebrating our 7th year of camp. Dragonfly Heart Camp is a unique small camp providing a summer camping experience for children diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and for children who have received heart and lung transplants.

For 2014 we have opened our doors to all transplants centers on the East Coast. The actual cost is $1000 per child to attend for the week. This covers counselors, food, insurance, transportation, medical supplies and the camping ground. We have clinicians from pediatric transplant centers who volunteer their services to be on-site at the camp.

DHC is a small non-profit that relies on direct donations from the public and on fundraising functions to raise the money needed to cover the cost of accommodating the children at camp. We do not receive funding from the hospitals. We are fortunate, indeed, to have a generous medical team who is willing to dedicate the time to ensure a successful camp experience for the kids.

Teen Transition Retreat:

When Dragonfly Heart Camp developed its strategic plan, one of the short term goals was to establish a young adult retreat that would help educate the participants on self-management of their chronic illnesses. It is not uncommon for the teen years to be filled with confusion, peer pressure, and defiance. Growing from a teenager to a young adult is difficult for anyone, but these years of transition are far more challenging when teens are faced with conditions requiring daily medication and constant vigilance. Our goal is to build on the original Dragonfly Heart Camp model, adapt that experience, and tap into the knowledge and ideas of our young adults.

Fundraising is a key component to the continuing success of the camp, and it is crucial, in these difficult economic times, that we all keep this fact uppermost in our minds. We ask that you spread the word about Dragonfly Heart Camp to friends and associates, and urge them to consider the camp when making decisions regarding charitable donations.

We look forward to the future and the continued growth of Dragonfly Heart Camp! Thank you to our donors for making it possible.



For questions or comments contact:
Contact: Kathi Naumann, Dragonfly Heart Camp Program Director
Email Address:
Phone: 410-639-7756
Mailing Address: Dragonfly Heart Camp, 210 S. Cross Street, Chestertown, MD 21620

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